1 Earth Nation

Welcomes You

Join our global FB group, connect and unite under one flag to bring forth your offerings, positivity, passions, projects, and ideas. Join the community as we do our part to create a more beautiful world our hearts know is possible together. 

50% of all proceeds will go to Joy's Kitchen food rescue in Denver, Co to feed those in need

Our Mission

Bring us all together under one flag, one nation, and one heart. To create a global community bringing forth positivity, love, and our offerings to each other and the world.

Through building a global community starting with the 1 Earth Nation Facebook group, we can reach a larger scope of people outside of our direct friend group - exponentially increasing our ability to connect, experience each others offerings, exchange love and positivity, and to share our projects and ideas to get support from community. 

1 Earth Nation is a place where love, positivity, and compassion for all are the fundamental grounds from which we collectively move from.  Do you remember that feeling when you gave to someone in need without expecting something in return? THAT FEELING is what 1 Earth nation represents. Through our collective efforts as human beings uniting through this facebook group to support each other and share our ideas and projects, that feeling will spread exponentially throughout the world. 


Give Love and Positivity

Join our global community Facebook group; 


1. Post an offering: If you have something you want to offer to the collective right now, post in the FB group your offering (yoga class, coaching session, art lessons, music lessons, sound healing, dj set, gardening advice, healthy living tips, an offering you already offer to people - but free of charge, host a zoom call with a specific intention to find others to bounce ideas off of, etc) and how people can connect with you to experience your offering. 


2. Post something that has lifted your spirits during these times (a song, a quote, and inspiring photo, etc). We are all craving positivity right now. 

3. If you know of an organization, or are working on a project that is bettering the world which needs to be seen, post it here and find people who resonate with your mission to collaborate with. If you want to start virtually connecting with people on any particular topic - post it and find others to connect with about this topic.

4. Share your ideas with the community of how we can use this platform to bring more joy and positivity to each other and the world.

"From the vantage point of space there are no boarders or geographical lines. There is only earth, our earth."

Carl Sagan


Amazing organizations helping the world that need our support now

Do what you can to help those in need during these unprecedented times


You can donate and help feed those who need it here. This includes those who are at high risk for catching the Caron Virus. Boxes of food are safely put together and delivered to the homes of elderly and those who are in need so they can stay safe in quarantine : https://joyskitchen.org

Joy's Kitchen is a food rescue organization in Denver, CO ran by Kathy Stanley. They pick up food that would otherwise be thrown away by grocery stores and distribute it for free to those in need. A $10 dollar donation can feed a family of 4 for a week.


Globalgiving.org is an amazing donation platform that currently has a Carona Virus relief effort where you can donate and help slow the spread of Covid19.

Your donation to this fund will;

  • Send doctors, nurses, and other front line responders to communities in need

  • Get masks, ventilators, and other lifesaving medical supplies to hospitals and clinics

  • Deliver essential items to struggling families and older individuals in quarantined cities and refugee camps

  • Feed children that rely on school meals as their only source of nutrition Support hygiene awareness efforts

  • And much, much more...


Join the Facebook group and the movement, be a force of positive change in the world,  and remember that you are loved and welcomed to the global 1 Earth Nation community.